Supply water leakage protection

System BB/BX

System BB


One-family homes with normal water consumption pattern.
System BB: ½" connection
System BX: ¾" connection

  • Intake flow meter
  • Cutoff valve
  • Control unit

Monitoring Functions


System BB permits the continuous discharge of a preset amount of water. If this amount is surpassed in a single discharge, a Max Alarm is issued, and the water supply is cut off.

System BB checks that water flow in the installation can drop and remain below a preset level for a preset time duration, and will issue a seepage alarm and cut off the water supply if this fails to occur daily.

System Error:
System BB checks that the flow meter issues impulses regularly, unless the Holiday function is active.
Whenever the valve is closed - manually or by alarm -  System BB checks its tightness.
If a component fails, a System Error is issued, and the water supply is cut off.

Supply Error:
System BB monitors the mains supply and all internal supplies. If either of these fail, a Supply Error is issued. This will not cause a cutoff of the water supply.

Alarm Functions

On leakage and system errors, System BB will cut off the water supply, issue visual and audible alarms, and activate the alarm relay.
Supply errors are reported via the alarm relay, and if possible also visibly and audibly.


Controls and Indicators:
Mains, Flow, Valve and State indicators, buzzer.
Buttons for manual valve control, temporary free discharge selector, holiday function and alarm acknowledge.

Leakage monitor:
Permissible single discharge selectable 125, 250, 500, or 1000 litres.
Flow minimum to terminate discharge 15 l/h.
In holiday mode, permissible single discharge is 20 litres regardless of setting.
Free discharge duration 1 hour maximum.

Seepage monitor:
Seepage tolerance 2, 4, or 8 litres in 30 or 60 minutes. Observation interval 24 hours.

Mains connection
230V 50Hz L/N/PE via external key switch. Power consumption max 20VA.


Liquid Sensor Attachment:
System BB accommodates via interface ILS-C a Liquid Sensor type LS-X, whereby the system offers point protection of a particularly sensitive area so that the water supply may be cut off on Liquid Sensor alarm if desired.

By attachment of an external SMS-alarm to the alarm relay output, system BB can ship a text message to a selected mobile phone number.


Download System BB data sheet in pdf-format

Download pamphlet Domestic Leakage Protection in pdf-format