KMP-C Top-up Monitoring in Closed Circuits

system KMP-C Application:

District Heating Installations
  with Heat Exchanger
Process Cooling Water Installations

  • High-resolution pulsing DIEHL water meter
  • Pressure Transmitter
  • Check Valve
  • Top-up Valve with Spring-Return
    Actuator (system KMP-C-V1)
  • Flow Computer with firmware 121105
    and 12 months attachment to AERS




Ill.: KMP-C-V1

Operating Modes

Manual Top-up:
KMP-C-V0 monitors manual top-up, which is performed in the usual fashion by resident or associated technical staff.

Semiautomatic Top-up:
KMP-C-V1 can do a semiautomatic top-up, initiated by staff, and terminated either by staff or by KMP-C-V1.

Automatic Top-up:
KMP-C-V1 can do an automatic top-up, which is both initiated and terminated by KMP-C-V1. It is possible to define a time window within which KMP-C-V1 may automatically initiate a top-up.

Monitoring Functions

Operating Pressure:
The operating pressure of the installation is continuously measured and compared to adjustable limits for

  • No pressure
  • Pressure too low
  • Insufficient pressure
  • Pressure OK
  • Pressure too high
  • Pressure hazard
The result is conveyed on the front panel in the left column of indicators, and by critical values by audible alert.

Top-up is measured and monitored against adjustable limits for

  • Maximum volume for single top-up
  • Maximum volume for aggregated daily top-up
  • Maximum number of daily top-ups
  • Minimum interval between top-ups
The result is conveyed on the front panel in the right column of indicators, and by audible alert. KMP-C-V1 will abort any ongoing top-up on alarm resulting from the above monitoring.

System Faults:
KMP-C monitors the system for the follwing fault types:

  • Power Supply Fault
  • Pressure Sensor Fault
  • Flow Meter Fault
  • Valve Fault
KMP-C-V1 will abort any ongoing top-up on a system fault.

Alarm Functions

On alarm, system KMP-C issues visible and audible signals, and activates the alarm relay.
KMP-C-V1 will further abort any ongoing top-up.


Status, Data, Alarm and Pressure indicators, buzzer. Key for Alarm Mute and Acknowledge, Manual Top-up.
Two floating SPDT alarm/signal relays.

Pressure Measuring Range:
0-10 Bar, resolution approx. 3 mBar.

Pressure Limits:
Adjustable 0 < p < 10000, on condition
pnon < pmin < pins < psuf < pexc < pnic, where

  pnon is the value for 'No pressure'
  pmin is the value for 'Pressure too low'
  pins is the value for 'Insufficient pressure'
  psuf is the value for 'Pressure OK'
  pexc is the value for 'Pressure too high'
  pnic is the value for 'Pressure hazard'.

Volume Measurement:
Resolution 0.1 liter.

Top-up Limits:
Max. single top-up volume adjustable 0-60000 dl, note this must be less than max. daily top-up.
Max. daily top-up volume adjustable 0-120000 dl, note this must be more than single top-up volume.
Max. number of daily top-ups adjustable 0-250.
Min. top-up interval adjustable 0-60000 minutes.

Relay function:
Each of the two alarm relays may be coded to report one or more of the following conditions:

  • System Fault
  • Top-up Fault
  • Pressure Hazard
  • Pressure High
  • Top-up in progress
  • Insufficient Pressure
  • Pressure too low (Pump Stop)
  • No Pressure

Mains Connection:
230V 50Hz L/N/PE via key switch.
Power Consuption max 20VA.

By attachment to AERS, KMP-C may text any mobile phone on alarm.


Download System KMP-C data sheet in pdf-format