DanTaet Outdoor Sensor 9260034

DanTaet Outdoor Sensor 9260034 consists of an encapsulated Pt100 sensor QAC2010, and an RM34 Temperature Relay mounted on a DIN rail within an enclosure.


The QAC2010 sensor must be placed on the coldest outside wall of the building (normally facing north), screened from sunlight.
The sensor must be located at least 2m above ground, and may not be placed above windows, doors, air vents or other heat sources, or under balconies and eaves.
Mounting instructions are printed on the sensor box.
The cable inlet to the sensor must be sealed.

The enclosure with the RM34 Temperature Relay must be mounted next to the flow computer of the associated leakage protection system (KMP-F or WLP-2).

Electrical Installation


230Vac is taken to the enclosure; connect to terminals 2 and 10 of the RM34 relay socket.

Sensor Cable:

Use 7461200 (3x0.25mm² LIYY); pull the cable indoors as far as possible. Lay cable in steel tube outdoors.
On the outdoor sensor QAC2010, connect conductors white:B, brown:M, green:M.
On the RM34 Temperature Relay, connect conductors white:7, brown:6, green:5.

Relay Output:

Terminals 1 and 3 in the RM34 relay socket.
DanTaet will connect the relay output to the flow computer.

Doc.No. 413114