DanTaet PIR sensor 9260050

DanTaet PIR sensor 9260050 is a Jablotron JS-20 'LARGO' detector.
This is for indoor use with KMP-V for automatic change of consumption phase and possibly forced opening of the cut-off valve in installations with fire hoses.


Each of the three meter inputs J3, J4 and J5 of the KMP-V may be used for connecting one or more PIR sensors.

The PIR sensors are powered by 12Vdc from the meter input.
KMP-V can supply up to 200mA to the load. Each sensor consumes up to 35 mA with the LED activated, but just 10 mA with the LED deactivated (jumper 'LED' removed). Thus KMP-V may drive 6 sensors with active LED, or 20 sensors with the LED deactivated.
Always check that the total current drain will not exceed 200 mA.


Governing Consumption Phase

If the PIR sensors will be used solely for governing the consumption phase, use cable DanTaet stock no. 7461201 (4*0.25mm² LIYY) with conductors colour coded brown (BN), white (WH), green (GN), yellow (YL):

PIR kęde for fasestyring

Governing Cut-Off Valve

If on the other hand the PIR sensors must (also) force open the cut-off valve, use cable DanTaet stock no. 7460227 (2*2*0.75mm²) with conductors colour coded blue (BL), brown (BN), black (BK), grey (GY):

PIR kęde for ventilstyring

If a fire cabinet door switch is to be included in the chain, this must be inserted into either the brown or the blue wire.

Doc.no. 413115