Wet Sensor System




Any type of building for protection from water egress or ingress in particularly exposed, sensitive or difficult-to-inspect locations, such as installation shafts and crawl spaces.



  • Controller type RSP-C with 12 months
    attachment to AERS
  • 1-50 Wet Sensors Type LS-X-R

Monitoring Functions:

Water Aggregation
System RSP-C issues an alarm when an attached wet sensor LS-X-R reports aggregate water. Each channel can be configured to automatically reset the alarm when the water aggregation subsides. Further, each channel can be configured to report alarms on the RSP-C internal relay.

Sensor Fault:
System RSP-C issues an alarm if an attached sensor reports a fault or if connection to the sensor is lost.

Battery Warning:
System RSP-C monitors the battery condition in the attached sensors, and AERS warns when a sensor's battery voltage drops below a preset level.

System Test:
System RSP-C continuously performs systems tesing for the following condition:

  • Communication Errors - one or more sensors unresponsive
  • Data Error - RSP-C receives invalid data from a sensor
  • Supply Error - an internal voltage supply has failed
  • Power Failure - mains supply fault
System Faults are not signaled on the alarm relay, but the system may be inoperative and should be serviced asao.

Alarm Functions:
Any alarm from the RSP-C is transmitted to AERS, which will propagate the alarm to relevant personnel as a text message and/or e-mail.
Any sensor alarm is reported on the RSP-C in the display, as well as by a red light in the Status indicator.
Alarm for water aggregation at a wet sensor will activate the RSP-C alarm relay if this response is selected for the relevant sensor.

Status and Connection Indicators, Buzzer, Mute/Reset Key. First keypress mutes buzzer, second keypress acknowledges the alarm.


1-50 channels for attachment of Wet Sensors Type LS-X-R. RSP-C can also serve Temperature Sensor RSP-T and Humidity Sensor RSP-M.
Each measuring channel has configurable threshold and hysteresis for alarm, and an option for inverse operation.

Alarm Output:
Floating (volt-free) changeover switch activated on alarm and deactivated on acknowledgement (and automatically on Auto Reset).

Wet Sensor Type LS-X-R:
The Wet Sensor Electrodes are gold plated to minmize corrosion. Water aggregation to a degree that connects the sensor's electrodes will cause an alarm.

Text (SMS) Alarm:
By attachment to AERS, System RSP-C may text any mobile phone on alarm.

192x125x63 mm (box excl. glands and antennae).
Antennae 200 mm.
Power Consumption: max 10W.

Transmitter: 92/71 x 42 mm excl. gland.
Sensor Dim.: 24 x 72 mm
Measuring Voltage: approx. 900mVac 300Hz
Cable 2,5 mtr.
Battery Lifetimed: 3 years (typ.)
Range: 100 m (typ.)

Download RSP-C/LS-X-R data sheet in pdf-format