Aggregate water detection

System L-PS-X / LS-X

System L-PS-X

Any type building, securing against water ingress (ground water, thawing snow and ice etc.) or water egress (minor leaks of the water installations) in particularly exposed or vulnerable locations.

  • Control Unit/Power Supply L-PS-X with 12 months
    attachment to AERS
  • Liquid Sensor type LS-X

Monitoring functions:

Water aggregate
System L-PS-X issues an alarm if an attached and active liquid sensor type LS-X detects aggregate water. Front panel indicators convey the measuring point exhibiting the error condition. Each measuring channel has selectable alarm delay 1 second (practically immediate) or 1/2 hour (where transient water aggregate is tolerable). Likewise, each channel has a selectable autoreset feature which may reset an issued alarm when the aggregate water disappears.

Cable error:
System L-PS-X issues an alarm (after a 10 second delay) in case the connection to an attached and active liquid sensor type LS-X is broken by e.g. a damaged cable, or in case the cable develops a short circuit.

Alarm functions:
Water aggregate and cable error cause system L-PS-X to deactivate the main alarm relay, and issue visual and audible alarms. Simultaneous to the audible alarm, an auxiliary alarm relay is activated. Front panel indicators display the status of each measuring point using a combination of flash- and colour codes.

Controls and indicators:
Grid and measuring point indicators, alarm buzzer, reset/restart button. Following an alarm, the first keypress silences the audible alarm, while the second keypress acknowledges the alarm and resets the system.


1-8 measuring channels for attachment of liquid sensor type LS-X. Internal switches configure enable, alarm delay and autoreset for each measuring channel.

Alarm output:
Fail-safe floating DPDT in the main alarm relay (normally active). One half may be used to force valve closure in a DanTaet WLP system if desired. Other half may be used for cascading several L-PS-X control boxes for connection of a number of liquid sensors type LS-X. Floating SPDT in auxiliary alarm relay, activated on alarm and deactivated on silencing of audible alarm (Operator on site).

Text Message Alarm:
By attachment to AERS, system L-PS-X may send text messages to one or more mobile phones on alarm.

Liquid Sensor type LS-X:
Sensor electrodes are gold plated for corrosion resistance. Aggregate water sufficient to make contact between the electrodes of the sensor will cause detection and alarm response.

Dim.: ø24 x 72 mm
Measuring Voltage: app. 900mVac 300Hz
Cable 10 mtr.; may be lengthened up to 1,000 metres using DanTaet cable number 7463120.

Download L-PS-X/L-PS datasheet in pdf-format (40kb)