Supply Water Leakage Protection System KMP-V-S


Supply Water Leakage Protection System KMP-V-S employs volume flow measurements derived from three high-resolution pulsing flow meters.
Two monitoring functions use the volume flow values for protecting the installation from leakage, by isolating the installation in the event of leakage by means of the cut-off valves.

  1. Controller
  2. Cut-Off Valve WF
  3. Flow Meter WF
  4. Flow Meter WC
  5. Cut-Off Valve WC
  6. Flow Meter CW
  7. Cut-Off Valve CW
system diagram KMP-V-S


PSALM® is a data processing method uding the flow spectrum to dynamically calculate the discharge, so that this may decline when flow reduces.
Thereby in a given installation operation will be possible at a lower alarm limit or, given an alarm limit, more consumers can be tolerated.

PSALM® can also to some degree compensate for the data reduction caused by a flow meter's limited resolution in time or volume.


Alarm and Event log
KMP-V maintains a log of the 250 most recent events and alarms, such as power down/up, alarm and error messages, acknowledgements and automatic resets, key input, control signal changes, state changes and sequence execution.

Jumper log
KMP-V maintains a log of the 15 most recent changes of the internal jumpers.
These logs contribute to the investigation and documentation of actual events.


KMP-V attaches to the DanTaet Alarm and Energy Registration System AERS, which conveys leakage alarms to the duty watch of the property and illustrates the event. AERS transmits alarms in the form of text messages and/or e-mail, and alarms may be remotely acknowledged from the recipient's smartphone, tables, laptop or PC.

Example: situation view from AERS.



System KMP-V-S comes in three variants. Systems with suffix -V3 comprise three motorised valves for cut-off on alarm. Systems with suffix -V3srno comprise three motorised valves for cut-off on alarm, of which the CW valve is equipped with a spring-return, normally-open actuator for use in installations feeding firefighting equipment. Systems with suffix -V0 have no cut-off valves, and only report alarms visibly, audibly, by relay output, and via AERS.


KMP-V-S accepts flow meters from ½" to DN100 (q3 1.6 m3/h to q3 63 m3/h). Branches may employ different meter sizes, e.g. the WC meter may be smaller than the WF meter, which again may be smaller than the CW meter. KMP-V-S is always offered and must always be ordered with a specification of the apertures in the three branches, e.g.:

KMP-V-S40/32/15-V3srno is a system with three valves, of which the CW valve has a spring-return actuator, and with the apertures CW: 40mm (1½"), WF: 32mm (1¼"), WC: 15mm (½") for meters and valves.

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