Supply Water Leakage Protection System KMP-V-S

system KMP-V-S


Protection of Supply Water Installations
carrying cold and circulating warm water
  • Cold and Warm Water Feed Flow Meters
  • Cold and Warm Water Feed Cut-Off Valves
  • Warm Water Circulation Flow Meter
  • Warm Water Circulation Cut-Off Valve
  • Controller with 12 months
    attachment to AERS


System KMP-V-S is used for leakage protection of Supply Water installations carrying cold and circulating warm water, e.g. at the bottom of a riser shaft where these brach off a main supply. Flow is monitored in Cold Water (CW), Warm Water Feed (WF) and Warm Water Circulation (WC) pipes, and total consumption is calculated as CW + WF - WC from the respective measurements.

Ill.: System KMP-V-S50/50/25-V3


Monitoring Functions

Issued when the volume of a continuous discharge of cold and/or warm water exceeds a preset limit. A discharge is considered continuous as long as its indicated flow exceeds the cutoff setting, or as long as the indicated flow does not decrease (PSALM).

Seepage Alarm:
Issued when flow in the Cold or Warm Water branch within a full test interval (normally 24hrs) has failed to drop below a preset limit.

System Fault:
Issued when a cutoff valve does not shut tight, when an internal voltage supply fails, and when flow fails to materialise outside of Holiday periods or in High Phase. System faults do not cut off the installation.

Operating modes
Sensitivity changes with High and Low consumption phases. Phase change may be manual (Holiday Key), or automatic via 'burglar alarm armed' signal.
Activating 'Unlimited' allows discharge to exceed the set limit without alarm; this permission is automatically revoked after expiry of a preset time, or prior to that by repeated key activation.

KMP-V-S can perform automatic run-in over a 14 day period. During this period, the system records flow data without monitoring. Upon expiry of the period, KMP-V-S calculates monitoring parameters corresponding to the observed consumption. Depending on the setting of internal jumpers one or more of these parameters will be used after run-in.

Alarm Functions

On leakage, KMP-V-S cuts off the installation, issues alarm visibly and audibly, and by the alarm relay.
System faults are reported via the alarm relay, and audibly and visibly if possible. Valve errors are reported visibly. For alarms In Low Phase, relay response may be delayed until High Phase begins.

Valve Functions

KMP-V-S allows a range of valve funtions depending on external signal sources like burglar and fire alarms etc. Further, KMP-V-S may be supplied with a spring-return valve in the CW branch, and is thus prepared for meeting special demands by authorities.


Controls and Indicators
Status-, Data- and Alarm Indicators, Buzzer.
Keys for Mute and Alarm Acknowledge, manual valve control, Unlimited and Holiday selection.
Two digital control inputs, three digital outputs and fail-safe alarm/signal relays with floating SPDT contacts.

Limit adjustable
10-20-50-100-200-500-1000-2000 liter.
Cutoff adjustable
10-20-50-100-200-500-1000-2000 l/h (std)
or 0-14% of q3 (PSALM).

Seepage Alarm:
Idle Period adjustable
10-20-50-100-200-500-1000-2000 sec.
Idle Level adjustable
0-10-20-50-100-200-500-1000 l/h

Valve Tightness Check:
Executes 1x/day with scalding protection.

Mains Connection:
230V 50Hz L-N-PE via key switch.
Power consumption max 20 VA.


Liquid Sensor attachment
System KMP-V-S may via interface ILS-C accept up to two liquid sensors type LS-X, providing select protection of sensitive areas with optional cut-off.

Text message alarm
By attachment to AERS, system KMP-V-S may text mobile phones on alarm.
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