Supply Water Leakage Protection System WLP-1

System WLP-1


Supply water installations in institutions, commercial and apartment buildings.

  • WLP-1 computer
  • Intake flow meter(s)
  • Optional cutoff valve(s)

N: Leakage monitoring of up to four
    separate installations
V: Point protection by liquid sensor LS-X
    (max 8 pcs)

Monitoring functions

DanTaet WLP-1 continuously monitors the installation for leakage according to a number of adjustable parameters. Up to seven monitoring methods may be active at any instant, five of which are phased, i.e. each method has two sets of monitoring parameters for use in low/high consumption phases respectively. An integral day/week clock with battery backup and a programmable timer, or an external signal governs phase changes, permitting continuous monitoring also in installations exhibiting large day/night consumption varations.

Override function:
Monitoring functions a-f may be overridden by a timer and/or an external signal, or from the front panel for a predetermined time, or until manually reactivated. Override is indicated in the display.

Calendar function:
Using calendar function, monitoring phase may be forced by up to 30 user events, such as e.g. holiday, party or conference.
Each event can request monitoring in low phase, high phase, double or triple high phase condition.

Alarm functions

Cutoff valve is closed on alarm, unless it is forced open by a higher priority signal, such as e.g. Fire Alarm. In particular the system's cut-off valve may be supplied with an SRNO actuator to force the valve open on power failure.
Alarm is indicated on the front panel and audibly, and a detailed error description is offered in the display.

Alarm Outputs:
WLP-1 is equipped with four uncommitted switching alarm relay outputs, all of which may be configured to activate on any error type in any channel as desired.

Remote Signalling:
WLP-1 may be delivered with a GSM/GPRS modem, whereby on alarm a callout can me made to modems or other technical equipment, or a text message can be sent to a mobile phone.

Warning function:
Monitoring functions a, b, d, e, f and g may provide early warning via an alarm relay output at a limiting value adjustable 0-100% of the alarm level.
Monitoring functions
Function Active Deselect Acknowledge
a) Peak flow       Phase dependent Possible manual / external
b) Mean flow      Phase dependent Possible manual / external
c) Minimum flow Phase dependent Possible manual / external
d) Discharge      Phase dependent Possible manual / external
e) Constance     Phase dependent Possible manual / external
f) Idle period    Fixed 24 h + day Possible manual / external
g) Rationing      Fixed 24 h Possible Automatic
h) Meter error    Continuous Possible manual / external
i) Supply error  Continuous Impossible Automatic

Further technical information

Elaborate WLP system description here

Download WLP-1 datasheet in pdf-format

Download WLP system description in pdf-format